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Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
british history. colin campbell reports. >> raymond gilmore infiltrated the i.r.a. at the height of the troubles in i.r.a. and later earned himself an i.r.a. death sentence. >> i brought them to their knees. and saved countless amount of lives. >> but living under a false identity for almost 30 years he says he has been failed by the international services. the contract between the government. we served during dirtiest war. >> for some, though, raymond gilmore is still remembered as a traitor, guilty of betrayal. with the assistance of his m.p. he is now taking his case to the tribunal a body which exams complaints against the international services. >> is this just about money? >> in. no. not at all. it's about the betrayal of the international security forces against me. >> raymond gilmore accepts speaking out could endanger his life but he has been left with little choice. >> you can continue to have your say on that story or others on gmt today. just go to our facebook page and there you can comment on our latest stories and look at our photo galleries from our traveling corresp
Oct 7, 2012 1:30am PDT
i'm rashida gilmore, live on campuslmore, san jose state's campus may be smoke-free sooner than you think... ....i'll have a live report. a viewing party for the presidential debate took place at the at a hotel just off-campus... and the journalism department is welcoming three guests from a very differrent part of the world. update news starts right now. hello and welcome to update news... im tyler huffman and i'm briana villalobos... thanks for joining us. this week 3 professors from two universities in afghanistan arrived at san jose state. they will be here for an eleven-week's part of a multi-million dollar grant to modernize journalism education in afghanistan. update's lexy nuno reports. ">>>it is only their second time to the united states...and these afghan professors are enjoying the simple things in life. nat sound: "white mocha" simple things like drinking coffee...taking pictures... walking around san jose state's campus...and learning about modern journalism. they say it's a different picture than back home where journalists fear for their lives. ahamd zia
Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
people. >> you heard governor gilmore and in your opening, you basically said okay the economy is not as bad as you think. what i want to hear is what you and president obama would do in a second term. what positives would you put into place? >> we do need a jobs bill. someone said that the recovery bill that passed in 2009 did not go far enough and help the states help pay their bills. >> that is why we had a downward draft. look, when the governor was the governor of virginia, he was smart enough to know that you may have cuts in budgets and certain areas but he in vesseven education and technology and in many of his initiatives many of them wanted him to cut more. he knew what to invest in for the future of kids so i commend the governor what he did. >> what president obama, sir, with all due respect, what about private sector incentives, it is private businesses which people do create on their own. you are right. >> and the president has proposed -- >> give me one idea that would help boost the private sector. >> it is interesting today, larry, the biggest front-runner, in ter
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
just south of gilmore, a mother is missing, and a stand off with a man who may know something about her disappearance, police say the man is holed up in a home, and officers are surrounding it, guns drawn. now officers showed up earlier this evening to interview somebody who lived there about carroll, who was last seen in hollister when she dropped her five-year-old son off at school. now as the standoff continues, nearby homes have been evacuated. >> we will try to have a positive outcome, that is why we've already had a shift of officers come and leave. so we're committed to be here as long as as it takes for the safety of the officers, the individuals and the city. >> earlier, carroll's family was found torched in a field in hollister, there was no evidence that anybody was inside the car when this happened. >>> and the 37th homicide happening, police say though, that they're making headway in the fight against violence. this week, they arrested four in connection with homicides, gang killings and four last year. now the four suspects are juveniles so they're not pictured here. >
Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
criminal trials in irish and british history. dodge ram and gilmore infiltrated the ira at the height of the trouble in northern ireland. he later earned himself an ira death sentence. >> i have saved countless amounts of lives. gosh living under a false identity for 30 years, he has been filled by the intelligence services. >> i have no financial stability, which i was promised. i have nothing. >> he is now taking his case to the investigatory powers tribunal, a body that examines complaints against the intelligence services. he is still remembered as a traitor, guilty of the trail. unexpected,t come and that when the mi it's done with them, they discard them. >> how they care for it, it is now being employed. >> to invoke trade organizations, where you are in the world, it will always be needed. have the honor your death to them. got to they do not comment on intelligence matters. -- >> did not comment on intelligence matters. >> now to a growing health scare in the united states. contaminated shot has led to an outbreak of meningitis. the 120 cases have fallen ill and 11 peo
Oct 28, 2012 1:30am PDT
have to say. update news starts right now. hello and welcome to update news... im rashida gilmore. and i'm bentli bejan... thank you for joining us. topping our newscast ... an anti-tax organization is suing the california state univiersity system. the group says ... the c-s-u should not be using public funds to promote proposition 30 ... which would raise some taxes to fund education. update news tim vantress is looking into the controversy and has a live report ... tim. it's election season, and professors have to be careful when speaking about issues on the ballot. the state university system is already on notice. ">>>students are seen on campus promoting election campaigns virtually every day. herlinda aguirre, president, students for quality education: "we have a possibility, we have a viable opportunity to make a stop to this cut for this year." sometimes, even teachers join them . . . . . . but not while they are on the job. c-s-u monterey bay is being sued for this very reason. the howard jarvis taxpayers association claims a teacher sent an e-mail advocating proposition 3
Oct 10, 2012 3:30am PDT
the last 20 years. i was here back when david gilmore -- i helped brought tenants down here 20 years ago to city hall, y'all. i'm trying to tell y'all, i done been here. and what i saw might be against the law. and what i heard it sound so absurd. but ladies and gentlemen i'm here to tell you today there is a new structure, there is a new era, there is a new beginning, what i call community reform with legislation by the supervisors from my district, the most aggressive christina olague, we have -- do you know she hit a home run today? we had three committee meeting. toyed rush upstairs, run downstairs. i have never seen someone work as hard as she has in the time that she -- this is not a spot for her. i'm just telling you like it t-i-s. if she wasn't doing it i'd be telling you she wasn't. i am happy and elated to speak on behalf of the fifth district and the supervisor. the housing authority, yes, there are big problems just like the redevelopment agency. not saying i'm pointing the finger at them. i think the they have to sit down with the table with all of us. particularly
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Oct 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
drag himself four miles down a dirt road in order to find help. ricky gilmore says a couple who he met while hitchhiking dropped him off without his wheelchair or food after he refused to share alcohol with them. 2 people road right by him but on day three a man stopped for help. he should be in the hospital for another week he should be just fine. >> with election day now closing in the presidential contenders are kicking it into high gear in those all important swing states. president obama will be campaigning in iowa, colorado, mitt romney will be in nevada and iowa. >>> joining us live from washington, d.c. with more on this is doug luzader. hi, doug. >> unless you live in one of those battle ground states, you are probably not going to see much of the candidates at least not in person over the next 13 days as this campaign reaches a fever pitch. you can add another 5,000 miles or so to the odometer of air force one today. as president obama passes back on board. as usual this may come down to ohio the president was in dayton yesterday. >> we know where they need to be not here
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
vote. former virginia governor james gilmore and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell to talk about the fight for the oval office. >>> what's in store for silicon valley? the second hour of "squawk box" starts right now. >>> good morning. welcome back to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen and becky quick. getting ready in the green room this morning, carly fiorina, former hp chairman and ceo, now vice chair of the national republican senatorial committee, from tech to china spying to the election, her thoughts coming up this morning. at bottom of the hour we'll talk jobs and the election with james gilmore and ed rendell and 8:00 a.m., former chairman of uba americas robert wolf, we'll talk financials and the elections and much more with him. first to beck wii why the morning headlines. >> all right, andrew, thank you very much. >>> good morning, everybody. the futures are indicated lower, right now the dow futures down by about 49 points, the s&p futures are off by over 5 points, this is coming as there are a lot of concerns about the global eco
Oct 26, 2012 12:35am EDT
supposed to be in "happy gilmore." he bailed on him apparently three days before the shoot. and he said -- i said, "if you ever need a sportscaster, you let me know." he put me in "water boy," and then he's put me in nine movies since then. >> jimmy: yeah. here's you in "the longest yard," right there. >> yep. >> jimmy: dan patrick right there. [ cheers and applause ] you got a good staff there -- not as good as -- look at olbermann's stache from when you guys did sports -- look at this. look at that -- [ laughter ] that's pretty rad right there, buddy. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to talk about "cover5." >> well, you in fantasy? >> jimmy: i am fantasy. i'm awful at fantasy. >> okay, i'm in rehab. fantasy rehab. >> jimmy: you are, fantasy rehab? >> no, i was terrible. on a 12-step recovery program. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, see, this year i've just kind of given up. >> well, i made a trade while i was doing sportscenter. when i was on with keith, he's on camera, i'm making a trade on my computer and i'm going to be on camera in 30 seconds. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i got -- i mean, that's
Oct 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
lawrence house, carey house and gilmore homes housing communities. these are some of the most disadvantaged, underserved neighborhoods in the country. >> these are some good kids and in most instances adults have failed them. these children simply need somebody to help them dream. >> last year, badges for baseball served more than 26,000 kids in 16 states. >> i just want to make sure the message gets out there that they can do whatever they want. >> in baltimore, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> about 6,000 children hoody sweatshirts are on recall this morning. >> and is it the best health product for your pet in the we will find out. coming up, everything from diet to grooming choices to keep more money in your pocket. >> how a cancer survivor is bringing smiles to cancer patients. i'm sarah sampson. >> we begin this morning's consumer alert with several recalls to tell you about. the consumer products safety commission has recalled children's hoodies sold at target stores because of high levels of lead. the sets were made by the children's apparel network with disney characters
Oct 18, 2012 8:00pm EDT
governor gilmore when the governor became chairman of the republican national committee. he praised governor mcdonald for being head of the republican governors association last year. the fact of the matter is that virginians did asked to do leadership come -- positions because leadership is strong in virginia. what virginians care about is results. in 2009, when i was party chair and governor, the pew center said four states have done what is necessary to get this country out of recession -- virginia was one of the four. the publications to rent states for business -- they all ranked virginia number 1. we brokered a deal to get real dulles.rail to we brokered with hilton, rolls royce, northop grumman, they announced their headquarters would be in the area. virginians care about results, and in the toughest times in the 1930's, we got results every year i was governor, especially in 2009. >> senator allen, the criticism of your campaign has been a lingering question of how the second term would be from your first term? you largely walk in lockstep with the republican leadership and
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)